29 August 2011

Pelé the Magnificent Hornshaw Swift

Last Christmas I got a Hornshaw swift. I had been lurking around the Ravelry boards that extolled the love for them, and I really wanted one. (Sometimes I like being from a family where we buy stuff we like and then have other family members 'gift' it to us.) For me, the quality and craftsmanship of it make it well worth its cost. I wanted something I would have forever, and quite frankly I see it as a functioning work of art. Tim Hornshaw was a pleasure to work with, he made me a gorgeous sapele swift, and it works perfectly.

I recently got around to making a cover for Pelé. As much as I'd enjoy leaving it out to admire, I like having homes for things. The swift folds up nicely into a long slim rectangle, and this corner of my craft room makes a perfect home for it.


  1. Curse you for flashing that swift! Meh! :P It's really quite lovely and you did a fantastic job on the cover/tote!!!!!! The fabrics are super cute, particularly the inside. (P.S. Is it named for the soccer Pelé, the volcano Pelé, or another Pelé? :P)

  2. Your sewing prowess is amazing! Look at you and your fancy swift house. Where is your next post? I am waiting....