30 April 2011


This afternoon I had plans to sew a cover for my swift, but I got waylaid:

There is a new puppy in my brother's family! He's just 8 weeks old, was rescued today, and still needs a name. He's already fast friends with his new brother (Shiloh), who welcomed him by standing over him and drooling all over him.

26 April 2011

I Palindrome I

I'm still trying to figure out why I had the urge to cast on for a super squishy, extra warm scarf in 90 degree weather. Once again my head appears to reside in a different part of the world than my body.

This is the Reversible Cabled Brioche Stitch Scarf. (You can find the original pattern here.) I love cables, but I don't like that they only look good from one side, so this reversible stitch pattern is perfect. I have been thinking about this scarf for a long time, and even though it's the wrong season, I wanted something that I could mindlessly work on that is on needles larger than US 2's.

I had a few false starts on this one. After some trial and error, and reading lots of project notes in Ravelry, I  ended up slipping the first stitch of every row (slipped knitwise with the yarn in front) and I using lifelines. What everyone said is true - if you drop a stitch on this pattern it is really hard to pick it back up (or impossible in my case)!

22 April 2011

Brain Farts

The other day I was telling my brother that at the gift shop at the zoo in Richmond, VA, you could buy yarn made from animals that live there. His reaction? “Yarn made out of animals? That is so DISGUSTING!”

I asked him what he thought wool was and then our conversation was over.

It made me feel better about last Christmas when I asked him what was written on the M&M I was eating. I was wondering why there would be a capital “B” on it. “The edge is rubbing off of the B, but I don’t understand what it's for,” I said.

He asked me if I’ve ever had M&M’s before and then our conversation was over.

21 April 2011


I would like to attribute a small part of my blog laziness to the fact that I had a guest - a dear friend who I haven’t seen since I left Scotland almost a year and a half ago. (It was her first time in the USA and she says she loves it - yay!) Part of her trip included coming to Florida to see me, and so I decided we needed to do something extra special. So I booked a room in Key West!

I love going to Key West. I love the drive through the Keys. I love the atmosphere. I love the history.  I love the characters.  I love all the drinks and key lime pie and conch fritters.  Pretty much I’m a very happy person when I’m there.

Most important, I love the reminder I get to celebrate the everyday miracles that are often taken for granted. I am literally awed when I think about how many people gather every single evening to celebrate the sunset in Key West. The sunset! Happens every day. It often passes me by without a thought. But in Key West, I join thousands of people and we have a party for the sunset and it reminds me to slow down for a little while and pay attention. To make new friends. To celebrate.

20 April 2011


Roses are my least favorite flower. I would rather get a single orange Gerbera daisy, or practically anything else, than a dozen roses. I’m sure you can imagine this has caused some misery in the past when I’ve gotten them from well-meaning givers. Anyway, my mother acted like she knew nothing about this and ordered me a fancy schmancy bicolor rose bush that came in the mail. It was just a stick in a big plastic bag. It came in an enormous 5 foot tall box that was so light the UPS man told me he hoped there really was something in it.

My thinking went something like (edited for language) - You spent money on a freaking stick that I have to plant and take care of so that for years and years I can try to grow something I don’t even like??? I can’t even keep the plants that I want alive!

But now that the stick is planted, my joy and amazement at nature is winning out over my annoyance because within just a couple of weeks the stick sprouted leaves and THORNS(!). (Picture me being amazed at thorns like the double rainbow dude.)

There are also ROSEBUDS! I look at them and I find myself whispering “rosebud” like in Citizen Kane. And then I giggle at myself and say it again.

So...actually I guess the rose bush is working out just fine. I might have to eat my words.

Unless the flowers bloom in stupid colors.

19 April 2011

Oh gosh! Time flies.

I’ve been getting a little grief from the people that read this (yes, all three of you) that I’m totally slacking on my updates. Yes, I know! And now I have all this pressure…and I don’t have anything awesome enough to even meet the built-up expectations… so I’m hoping to deflate that pressure a little right now with this completely news-less and picture-less post.

I had written a really long post to make up for my absence. But then I thought that you wouldn’t have the patience or attention to get through it in one go, so I broke it up and it will come out in installments over the next few days. I’m saving them ahead of time and setting them to auto-publish from Blogger.

I just wanted to warn you about that because if I die in a freak accident I think it would be totally creepy for you to keep seeing new blog posts.

Have a great day!