25 July 2011

Rainbow Brite Socks

I have been stalking this yarn for awhile, and decided a couple of weeks ago to finally just buy it. I'm glad I did, because from the minute I got it, to when I was winding it, to when I was knitting it, I was smiling! It's so vibrant and bold. So I knit a plain vanilla sock that would let the yarn shine.

The yarn is the Trifolium colorway from String Theory Colorworks. It is obviously bright and fun, but it also feels awesome and knit up with no issues. I will admit that I haven't washed them yet and I am terrified of the dye running...but I'll worry about that later. I will either include some vinegar in the wash or use a Color Catcher.

Once I got the yarn I was so eager to knit with it. I cast on as soon as I finished my Inlay socks (I get stressed out if I have more than one active project on the needles!) and finished them in less than a week. More practice for Tour-de-Sock!

20 July 2011


At our Saturday morning knit group, nakedk9 challenged me to knit my second Inlay sock in 2 days. She might not have been too serious, but I took it seriously. Except for some errands around the house (that I didn't really want to do anyway) I had nothing going on for the weekend, so it gave me something to work towards. She also immediately threw the first obstacle my way by forcing me to go to lunch (taking me away from valuable knitting time)! :P

On my way home I went to the library and got some dvd's to keep me company on my knitting weekend (Big Bang Theory and Sherlock). I also made a couple of stops that confirmed my being doomed to ever do laundry again (more on that in another post perhaps). So I was completely prepared!

Anyway, I didn't knit the sock in 2 days. It took me 3. I do know now that I could have done it in 2, but I wasn't completely committed on Sunday. But, I think this was fabulous training for Tour-de-Sock and Sock Sniper coming up in September.

I love my Inlays! I wasn't sure if the variegated yarn would wash out the pattern, but in person I think it looks great. (This was a tough one for me to photograph.) I used Happy Feet yarn, and it feels really great on my feet after washing it, but it bled a LOT in the wash.

I have issues with knitting too tight, so I really had to focus on loosening up because of all the twisted stitches in the pattern. I couldn't memorize it, so I had to check the pattern on nearly every row, so I would say that makes this pattern a little more challenging than others. But, I really love it and I am looking forward to checking out other patterns by the designer, Hunter Hammersen, and her book, Silk Road Socks.

15 July 2011

Finally, an Update! Nutkins & the Wall o' Knits

I love these socks because the pattern was super easy and required hardly any effort by my brain. I also loved the Pac-Man (aka short row) heel and toe, especially the heel because you don't have to pick up any stitches along the gusset, and especially the toe because you end up with a nifty ridge across the top of your sock!

The huge cast on edge (top of the cuff) isn't really that huge, but it's also not snug, so these might end up slouching a little. A few people have recommended to thread a piece of elastic through the cuff, which I think is a great idea.

I actually finished these weeks ago, but I've been really bad about updating my Ravelry project page and my blog (obviously!). The Nutkins were claimed by my cousin, so they won't be added to my drawer of handknit socks. But they might grace the wall of knitted gifts; how cool is this?

My cousin hung my handknit gifts along the wall. She says that this way she can see them more often and she doesn't feel bad about hiding them away in the closet. The hangers are hung on those removable hooks, so it's not a permanent installation. I love it!