29 December 2011

The Thing Over the Window

I decided to make a nice valance to go above the kitchen sink sometime in 2010. (A quick side note: no, I'm not sure of the correct terminology. Is it a valance or a curtain or something else? I'm going with valance because my friends are currently making fun of the way I say "curtain.") I bought all the materials for it seven months ago. Then I thought about it constantly and tried to talk myself into actually making it. Two days before Thanksgiving, I finally sat down and started, and by 10 PM Thanksgiving night I was drilling holes in the wall, maniacally intent on finishing. (Yes, it pretty much took me three solid days. Be nice, I’m new to sewing!)

It was all worth it, don’t you think?! I feel like the kitchen looks more “finished” now.

In my defense (for it taking three days of sewing), there was a bit of pattern manipulation involved (my window was wider than the pattern) and also a bit of figuring out how to line up the fabric correctly and hide seams. There were so many things I could have done differently that would have made life so much easier (but since I had never done this before I didn’t know!).

I would tell you what pattern I used but as soon as I finished it I literally threw the whole thing away, swearing that I would never be making any window coverings again. I mean, until after I make blinds for my craft room. But then, never again!

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