06 January 2012

My Sock-Centric Year

I will remember 2011 as the Year of the Sock. I had a goal to knit 12 pairs of socks…which I didn’t meet…even with participating in TWO sock knitting competitions (Sock Sniper and Tour de Sock). I knit 11 pairs…and actually only finished the 11th pair on January 3rd of this year…but I’m still counting it as a 2011 sock! These are some of my favorites-

What do I do with all of these socks, you ask? Some (very, very few) are given away, but mostly they live in my hand-knit sock drawer. When I lived in Scotland I wore them nearly every day...but here in south Florida they are worn a bit less frequently.

Sometimes I peek in there to get a boost of happiness and satisfaction. I can’t even imagine what my friends who have knit dozens of sweater or blankets or shawls feel like when they look in their closets!


  1. Great socks! I now have to fold mine so they look rolled in order for them all to fit. Too bad you don't get to wear yours more often.

  2. Gosh! Aren't you neat! Mine just get plonked in - 2 drawers - summer and winter - as I wear 'em all year round!