29 October 2012

SAFF (Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair)

Here are some of my favorite photos from my recent weekend getaway to SAFF just outside of Asheville, NC. Sorry if the photo-heavy post takes a moment to load. I promise the animal pictures at the end are worth it!

Beautiful sunrise to start the day!

Indeed, this is NOT the tractor show!

This is what the main arena of vendors looks like. There is a level above (where I am standing when I took the picture) of vendors. Pure heaven for anyone who likes yarn or fiber!

There is a second "outdoor" sales area too!

This is the official SAFF fleece sale. It's divided up by animal fleece, and each fleece has been judged and has notes on it about what is good/not so good about it. After I learn to spin better this will be my first stop!

I loved this fleece!

And I loved this apricot colored alpaca fleece. So soft!

These are the top fleeces!

There are also lots of animals at SAFF. 

This guy was in Time Out!!

Here was our first day's haul. I think I'll have to elaborate in another post!

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  1. Are you sure that guy was in time out? It looks more like he's whispering shit about you to the wall.