30 March 2011


My second pair of socks for 2011 came off the needles yesterday. They’re Cookie A’s Wanida pattern.

This pattern didn’t stand out to me as I looked through the book; it was only in browsing finished projects in Ravelry that I decided to make it.  The pattern is interesting but not too challenging that you can’t tote it around with you to knit night. Several people who saw me working on them thought they required cables, so I would say in that respect that the finished socks look more complicated than they really are.

The first sock went swimmingly.

Then, there were all sorts of hiccups on the second sock. I kept messing up the beginning-of-round shifts. I miscalculated the starting point of the heel, and by the time I started in on the gusset I couldn’t figure out how to adjust the pattern on the top of the sock.

So, I ripped it out back to the beginning of the heel. As much as I don’t like going backwards, it made life so much easier and for the rest of the sock everything was hunky dory.

I think this yarn is so beautiful – a sock yarn from Fyberspates that I picked up at K1 a few years ago (I think this particular yarn has been discontinued). I’m not sure if my photos do the color justice; I lightened them a little so the pattern would stand out better, but the color is a rich, subtly variegated purplish/ brownish-black (the colorway is “chocolate”).

What socks shall I make next?


  1. I think you should make a wild and crazy sock - like the Skew sock from Knitty.

    I don't know why you're asking for suggestions though. Only you know the secrets of your heart.

  2. OK Love the socks but it has been two weeks where is the next four posts I need something to distract me from my own life and you also teach as you distract...