19 April 2011

Oh gosh! Time flies.

I’ve been getting a little grief from the people that read this (yes, all three of you) that I’m totally slacking on my updates. Yes, I know! And now I have all this pressure…and I don’t have anything awesome enough to even meet the built-up expectations… so I’m hoping to deflate that pressure a little right now with this completely news-less and picture-less post.

I had written a really long post to make up for my absence. But then I thought that you wouldn’t have the patience or attention to get through it in one go, so I broke it up and it will come out in installments over the next few days. I’m saving them ahead of time and setting them to auto-publish from Blogger.

I just wanted to warn you about that because if I die in a freak accident I think it would be totally creepy for you to keep seeing new blog posts.

Have a great day!

1 comment:

  1. Well now, I am excited to read the posts, even if they are mechanically issued by the Blogster! Nice to see you up and running again.