25 July 2011

Rainbow Brite Socks

I have been stalking this yarn for awhile, and decided a couple of weeks ago to finally just buy it. I'm glad I did, because from the minute I got it, to when I was winding it, to when I was knitting it, I was smiling! It's so vibrant and bold. So I knit a plain vanilla sock that would let the yarn shine.

The yarn is the Trifolium colorway from String Theory Colorworks. It is obviously bright and fun, but it also feels awesome and knit up with no issues. I will admit that I haven't washed them yet and I am terrified of the dye running...but I'll worry about that later. I will either include some vinegar in the wash or use a Color Catcher.

Once I got the yarn I was so eager to knit with it. I cast on as soon as I finished my Inlay socks (I get stressed out if I have more than one active project on the needles!) and finished them in less than a week. More practice for Tour-de-Sock!


  1. These are beautiful. I have a serious case of sock-envy!

  2. Oh my, these are so beautiful. I have always wanted a pair of rainbow socks! I would love to try knitting a pair, but it seems a bit scary.