15 July 2011

Finally, an Update! Nutkins & the Wall o' Knits

I love these socks because the pattern was super easy and required hardly any effort by my brain. I also loved the Pac-Man (aka short row) heel and toe, especially the heel because you don't have to pick up any stitches along the gusset, and especially the toe because you end up with a nifty ridge across the top of your sock!

The huge cast on edge (top of the cuff) isn't really that huge, but it's also not snug, so these might end up slouching a little. A few people have recommended to thread a piece of elastic through the cuff, which I think is a great idea.

I actually finished these weeks ago, but I've been really bad about updating my Ravelry project page and my blog (obviously!). The Nutkins were claimed by my cousin, so they won't be added to my drawer of handknit socks. But they might grace the wall of knitted gifts; how cool is this?

My cousin hung my handknit gifts along the wall. She says that this way she can see them more often and she doesn't feel bad about hiding them away in the closet. The hangers are hung on those removable hooks, so it's not a permanent installation. I love it!


  1. Someone told me about this really neat friends' blogs feature and here I am! It worked! :P

    Yours totally don't look biasey or weird and I love how the Wasabi shaded, they're awesome. And I love the knit wall, nothing like knowing your handmade gifts are loved!

  2. I think thats a great idea to brighten up the walls! And what a talented knitter you are. These creations are fabulous. I especially love the monster pants.