26 May 2012


While the marshmallows were cooling I saw Not So Humble Pie's recipe for Fleur de Sel Caramels and would you believe I had all the ingredients necessary to make them? I don't know why there was a 16 oz container of cream in the refrigerator, but whatever it was bought for will have to wait. There is never cream in the fridge, so I took it as a sign that I was meant to make caramel!

We didn't have any fleur de sel in the pantry, but on the way home from my knitting group today I stopped at the store and got some. Obviously if you want the caramels without the salt that is fine - whatever your preference is, they are DELICIOUS!

As a first-timer, I thought it was an easy recipe. I used a lot of pointers from the recipe comments, and it all went swimmingly. No molten sugar burns or anything! My only advice is to get everything soaking as quickly as possible for easy cleanup. The hardest part for me was cutting the pan of caramel into pieces.


  1. mmmm....they look so yummy!!!

    1. Thanks...I've been making myself sick eating them!

  2. They were so very amazingly delicious! Awesome job and thank you for sharing! :)