21 May 2012

Peachy Keen

I ordered the yarn for these socks on a whim a few months back. I was thinking ahead to spring and summer and feeling like making some fun bright socks, and when I searched on Etsy for pink and orange sock yarn I came across some in Marigoldjen’s shop. I had never heard of the seller before, but the yarn was so pretty, plus she has good reviews and a few projects from her yarn on Ravelry. (Thank God for reviews; I always rely on them!)

I LOVE this color – Peachy Keen. After my last sock fiasco – knitting a pattern but having such variegated yarn that you couldn’t really see the work that went into them – I wanted some light yarn that would show off the pattern, and also a pattern that would show off the beautiful variations of color in the yarn. I chose the Simple Skyp pattern, and the rest is history.

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