18 June 2012

Baa to Blanket, Part 2

I give you progress photos!

I finally started knitting my Hemlock Ring Blanket at knit group last week when KBlicious was kind enough to do a belly button cast on for me. Since then it is just moving right along! This is a great pattern that really doesn't require too much concentration, and since it is knit with thick yarn, it grows quickly.

I know it's hard to tell how gorgeous it will be when it is finished and blocked, but isn't that the magic of blocking? I pinned out part of it above to give you an idea of what the final blanket should look like, but the cable on my needles isn't long enough to stretch it out any further (and I'm knitting on a 60" needle!).

I am really loving this project, especially on an emotional level because I know exactly where it came from. The yarn is super natural (supernatural, ha!) and filled with twigs and bits and bobs from the farm, and it is all adding to the charm of the blanket.


  1. Oh my gosh this is pretty! Isn't the yarn lovely! You are truly gifted!

    1. It is lovely! Thanks! :) I hope you like it!

  2. Really, it is quite gorgeous. Very inspiring...makes my fingers itch (in a good way).