20 June 2012

Modern Quilt Guild-ing - June

I really loved this months block for our Queen Bee. We were asked to follow this tutorial, taken from Sew Mama Sew's October 2011 Modern Block of the Month. I think my block came out perfectly! Thanks to NakedK9's advice, I made my strips a teeny bit longer, and thankfully I did, because otherwise I don't think I would have gotten a 12.5" square in the end.

We also have a round robin quilt project going on in our group. It started with a paper pieced hedgehog, and then each meeting it gets passed on to someone else, who takes it home and adds to it. I got it and added the greens. I love this idea!

We started a Pinterest Board for our group - the South Florida Modern Quilt Guild. Follow us! I've been posting some paper-piecing pins getting ready for next month's meeting, and our swap for next month is something made with a zipper, so there are some great inspiration links for that.

This month we swapped potholders...which I never got around to making. I bought Insul-Bright and made my own Pinterest inspiration board and everything. Maybe I'll have to make some for Christmas gifts!

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