20 April 2011


Roses are my least favorite flower. I would rather get a single orange Gerbera daisy, or practically anything else, than a dozen roses. I’m sure you can imagine this has caused some misery in the past when I’ve gotten them from well-meaning givers. Anyway, my mother acted like she knew nothing about this and ordered me a fancy schmancy bicolor rose bush that came in the mail. It was just a stick in a big plastic bag. It came in an enormous 5 foot tall box that was so light the UPS man told me he hoped there really was something in it.

My thinking went something like (edited for language) - You spent money on a freaking stick that I have to plant and take care of so that for years and years I can try to grow something I don’t even like??? I can’t even keep the plants that I want alive!

But now that the stick is planted, my joy and amazement at nature is winning out over my annoyance because within just a couple of weeks the stick sprouted leaves and THORNS(!). (Picture me being amazed at thorns like the double rainbow dude.)

There are also ROSEBUDS! I look at them and I find myself whispering “rosebud” like in Citizen Kane. And then I giggle at myself and say it again.

So...actually I guess the rose bush is working out just fine. I might have to eat my words.

Unless the flowers bloom in stupid colors.


  1. Just out of curiosity: what makes a color stupid?

  2. It would really make me sound like an ass to answer with any color. But I would have to say yellow. :P

  3. Hello Karma. Thanks for the yellow roses!

  4. Hey if given any dead flowers I tend to say yellow roses are my favorite, but as I have told those in my life that I do not care for dead flowers now I can also say, nor do I want stupid ones either.

  5. Then I had to watch the double rainbow dude.
    I guess thorns can stick you that way too. (Also edited for language)