21 April 2011


I would like to attribute a small part of my blog laziness to the fact that I had a guest - a dear friend who I haven’t seen since I left Scotland almost a year and a half ago. (It was her first time in the USA and she says she loves it - yay!) Part of her trip included coming to Florida to see me, and so I decided we needed to do something extra special. So I booked a room in Key West!

I love going to Key West. I love the drive through the Keys. I love the atmosphere. I love the history.  I love the characters.  I love all the drinks and key lime pie and conch fritters.  Pretty much I’m a very happy person when I’m there.

Most important, I love the reminder I get to celebrate the everyday miracles that are often taken for granted. I am literally awed when I think about how many people gather every single evening to celebrate the sunset in Key West. The sunset! Happens every day. It often passes me by without a thought. But in Key West, I join thousands of people and we have a party for the sunset and it reminds me to slow down for a little while and pay attention. To make new friends. To celebrate.

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  1. OK so this is where you should have refrenced the double rainbow dude.

    Wait scratch that What do I know.
    I want to go to Key West when I make it to Florida.

    Thank God for spelling errors or I would have Stop this comment @ dude