22 April 2011

Brain Farts

The other day I was telling my brother that at the gift shop at the zoo in Richmond, VA, you could buy yarn made from animals that live there. His reaction? “Yarn made out of animals? That is so DISGUSTING!”

I asked him what he thought wool was and then our conversation was over.

It made me feel better about last Christmas when I asked him what was written on the M&M I was eating. I was wondering why there would be a capital “B” on it. “The edge is rubbing off of the B, but I don’t understand what it's for,” I said.

He asked me if I’ve ever had M&M’s before and then our conversation was over.


  1. B is for Badass. Which is what you are.

  2. OMG pissing my pants and crying at the same time remembering said Bro reading post card about 11ams and calling 411 to cook a chicken

    Thanks for the laugh Ayaz and Zaya rolling eyes and not getting it.